General Open Class Rules

1. The fair is open to all 4-H and FFA members of Union County. Open class competition has no restricted area.
2. Dates for entries begin immediately and close as specified in each department.
3. In the event of conflicts, all disputes will be settled by the judge and chairpersons of that department.
4. Articles, which are the result of mechanical or artistic skill, must be entered by the artist, manufacturer, or authorized agent.
5. Due diligence will be used by the Fair Association in assuring safety to all exhibits, but the association will not be responsible for any loss. Immediately upon release, each owner must take charge of their exhibits.
6. Should any individual enter any article in a name other than that of the bonafide owner, or attempt to perpetrate a fraud by misrepresenting any fact, the entry thus made shall not be allowed to compete for or receive any premium.
7. Judges will award first, second, and third places. In case of only one exhibitor in a class, first honors and second money will be awarded, unless judges determine first money warranted. Each set of judges shall hand their reports to the chairperson of the department, and assist in making a correct copy of it so that there will be no mistake as to the meaning and intention of the judges.
8. Parties showing may enter not more than one exhibit in any class. No exceptions.
9. All exhibits shall remain in place until release time as stated in the schedule of activities. Exhibits removed before this time by the exhibitor will forfeit all premiums.
10. The department chairpersons, in all open class divisions, will pay all premiums upon release of the exhibit. Premiums are to be received from the department chairpersons.
11. 4-H ‘ers can enter any division under the same rules as other exhibitors.
12. Entry tags can be picked up prior to entry if you have several entries. Contact the secretary at the fairgrounds opening day, or contact the department chairperson.

The following files are pdf’s. of each open class division.
Arts & Crafts
Baked Goods
Canned Goods
Textile Departments